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SELLmatix is the revolutionary new flagship Point of Sale software system from

SELLmatix is based on years of experience developing POS Software and has been designed to be Quick to implement and operate, Easy to implement and operate, and Cheap to install and run.

SELLmatix is equally capable of handling general retail environments with huge product ranges, as well as hospitality environments such as hotels, restaurants and bars.

SELLmatix is made up of three components.

  • SELLmatix POS is used to process sales and runs on a standard PC running Windows 2000 or later.
  • SELLmatix PocketPos runs on Pocket PC's running Windows PocketPC 2003 or later and is used in restaurants and hospitality businesses to take orders for customers.
  • SELLmatix Control runs on a back office computer and controls up to 64 SELLmatix POS terminals and PocketPos PDA terminals. In small sites where only one computer is used, SELLmatix Control can be run on the same computer that runs SELLmatix POS.
SELLmatix has all the features of earlier systems we have developed as well as a range of enhancements making it the ideal Point of Sale solution for any business. Key features which make SELLmatix the obvious choice include:-

Fast Point of Sale Setup

SELLmatix is one of the fastest and easiest Point of Sale systems to set up and configure. Some of the features that make it fast and easy to setup include:-

  • Masterfiles can be imported from virtually any data format so that data does not need to be manually re-entered for your new POS system.
  • New products can be added "on the fly" so even if you don't have an existing database with your product masterfile, you can start selling products by department, and even if the checkout operators entered only one new product on each sale, your database would quickly grow to include all the items you sell.
  • SELLmatix supports incremental implementation. Most other systems require that everything be set up correctly before the system can be used. SELLmatix allows you to grow into the system so that you start to benefit from the beginning, and can gradually increase the controls and details of the record keeping while enjoying the benefits from the earlier stages of implementation.
  • SELLmatix has a number of sample configurations which can often be adapted to your needs more quickly than creating a new configuration.
Using trained consultants who are experienced with SELLmatix, in some cases it is possible to be up, running and processing sales in as little as 30 minutes from the time where the hardware has been installed and configured. Even if you are doing everything on your own for the first time, SELLmatix will be up and operational in a fraction of the time required for other systems.

Secure and Fast, Heavy Duty Performance

Many competing POS systems are adequate in small environments, but can't cope with larger databases, or provide the security and reliability required in more demanding environments. For example,

  • Typical Grocery supermarkets stock 10,000 or fewer product lines. Grocery wholesalers that supply the supermarkets rarely handle more than 30,000 product lines. SELLmatix has been tested and proven on sites handling over 130,000 product lines with no degradation in performance, on a standard PC running an Intel P3 processor with 128Mb of RAM.

    This is because it uses our own in house designed database modules which have been in use day after day for over 20 years in hundreds of sites around the world. Compare this with clunky cash registers that start to choke with more than 5000 products, or sluggish ODBC or SQL databases that are expensive, slow and failure prone.

  • SELLmatix is robust because all products are stored on each Point of Sale terminal. If a network failure occurs or the server goes down, SELLmatix POS terminals can continue to process sales indefinitely, and when the connection is restored, Control automatically re-syncs with each of the POS terminals and carries on as if nothing had happened.

    With other POS systems, particularly those that depend on an SQL server to control the POS systems, if the server goes down, sales processing on all of the POS terminals comes to an immediate grinding halt!

  • SELLmatix provides some of the most robust security available. POS terminals can be configured so that users can only perform the POS functions they are intended to perform. You can stop them accessing other programs or features of the PC, disable the Start Menu, Task Bar, Desktop and Task Manager. With SELLmatix you get the flexibility of using a windows PC, but have complete control over who accesses what.
  • SELLmatix provides the most comprehensive audit trails available so that when required, you can perform detailed analysis of operator behaviour to detect fraud, or operator errors.
SELLmatix is a heavy duty, high performance Point of Sale system which can also run cost effectively for small retailers. Beware of lightweight POS systems that might scrape through on small sites, but can't scale easily or handle the more stringent requirements that will emerge as your retail management becomes more sophisticated.

Low Cost Industry Standard Devices

SELLmatix is designed to run on industry standard computer hardware and devices that cost less and are more readily available than unique hardware that can be sourced from only one manufacturer. If replacement parts are required for the equipment, those parts will very likely be available in stock from computer suppliers only a short distance from where the retailer does business, and usually will not need to be ordered in specially. This results in much lower downtime, and much lower cost than special components that are supplied only by one or two manufacturers.

Since SELLmatix runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP, technicians and support staff are familiar with the user interface when support is required, and they do not need special training in unique and different equipment, which they have never seen before. This lowers the cost of support and increases the range of options in finding support staff.

Superior Controls and Business Management Features

In addition to they type of features you would normally expect to see in a Point of Sale System, SELLmatix provides many features that are not normally available and provide real benefit for retailers. These include:-

  • Barcode Printing. Sure, many other packages offer barcode printing, but at extra cost. Barcode printing is built in to SELLmatix, so that you can print barcodes on product labels, shelf labels, receipts, Customer Cards and Clerk Cards. With SELLmatix, this is seamless, and available at no extra cost.
  • SELLmatix allows you to import and export data in an infinite range of formats. If you need to work with data in a particular format, then you can create an unlimited range of custom templates to meet your requirements.
  • Up to 5 different price levels are supported. This means that you can charge different prices in different parts of you establishment. For example, one price in the Public Bar, another in the Lounge Bar, another in the bottle shop and another in the restaurant.

    Or you can change prices at different times of the day such as happy hour.

    When a large number of items change price, such as when special promotion prices take effect for some items, and are taken off for others, the new prices can be sent to all the POS terminals ahead of time and then the new prices can take effect instantly at the desired time, by simply changing the price level. Compare this with other systems that can take hours to upload new prices to all the terminals.

  • Custom Import/Export facilities allow you to set up templates so that data from SELLmatix can be automatically passed to other systems to generate reporting of whatever format you need.
  • Multiple shifts and Clerks can be set up and used as required for your business and the controls you wish to implement.
  • Stock and Inventory Control can be used in SELLmatix, so that stock receipts can be entered at the sale, and even Stocktakes performed live, while the business is trading in many cases, instead of needing to shut down or perform stocktake after hours.
  • SELLmatix can even provide live stock alerts while trading, so that when demand exceed normal on certain items, staff can be sent out to buy more before you run out of stock.

Low Cost, No Risk

Other POS software with features and power approaching that of SELLmatix is quite expensive, and before you have a chance to find out the limitations and restrictions of these packages, you have to commit and pay for many years use of the software, even if you later find out that it won't do what you want.

SELLmatix is very low in cost, and you don't have to pay license fees for years in advance, because SELLmatix is available for an annual license fee. Why pay a software vendor the license fees 5 years or more in advance? An annual SELLmatix license, costs around the same as an annual phone support agreement with some other POS software vendors, and with it, you get all updates and enhancements for that entire year, full access to technical information over the web, and free use of the support forum.

Download SELLmatix now from the download page, follow our tutorials showing various configurations, and see for yourself.

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