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SELLmatix Control is designed to run on a back office system in a store, controlling up to 64 SELLmatix POS or PocketPos systems. In small stores, SELLmatix Control can be run on the same system that is used to process sales.

Flexible Network Configuration

The back office system running SELLmatix Control is connected to the SELLmatix POS systems using a normal Windows network via the TCP/IP protocol. The equipment used can be a local LAN, a wireless network or even over the Internet depending on the requirement.

This provides the most flexible and lowest cost configuration because standard equipment is used, and great flexibility in expanding systems as the need grows. SELLmatix has been designed from the ground up around this network architecture, unlike other POS systems where network expandability is merely an afterthought.

Centralised Masterfile Maintenance with Automatic Updates

SELLmatix Control is used to edit masterfiles such as customers, products departments, clerks etc., or it can import the masterfile information from another accounting packages.

SELLmatix Control automatically connects to and controls up to 64 POS terminals concurrently. If connections are broken, (for example a wireless Pocket PC moves out of radio range), SELLmatix Control automatically reconnects to the terminal when it comes back into range, and resumes updating where it left off.

The SELLmatix Control Connection Manager displays a list of connections, their connection status, and what updates are being performed on that terminal.

For each POS terminal where a connection is active, SELLmatix Control continuously checks for masterfile updates which may need to be sent to the terminal, and sends the updates as required. Master file updates can occur by editing records in SELLmatix Control, importing new records, or if new products are "added on the fly" at one of the POS terminals.

Fast and Easy Implementation

One of the main difficulties in implementing other POS systems is in setting up the master files with all the products sold. In establishments which stock a large range of products, this can take months, and often, with regular changes and additions to the product range, by the time that the stock has all been keyed there are a huge number of changes that then need to be keyed.

SELLmatix Control is able to import product records from almost any type of file. So if you already have a product masterfile, this data can be imported into SELLmatix saving the need to manually enter the data.

Even if you don't have a product masterfile that can be imported, you can start processing sales with SELLmatix almost immediately and gradually bring you product masterfile up to date while trading. Without needing to employ staff for weeks or even months to key the data.

To do this, you set up a department for each category of goods, along with one "catch all" product in that department. In that way, you can sell items by department just as you would on a cash register, entering the price and the department. In this way sales are just as fast as normal, and customers are not inconvenienced.

Then you enable "Add on the Fly" in SELLmatix. Each time that a sale is processed, the clerk tries to sell the first item using the barcode scanner. If the item is not found because it has not been entered, a window pops up where they can enter the product details. All they need to enter is the description of the item that appears on the receipt, select the department to which the item belongs, and then enter the price. Three simple steps that do not delay the customer.

If the first item on the sale is scanned with the barcode scanner and it is found, then the clerk tries to scan the second item being sold, and so forth. But the clerk only enters one product each sale, and of other items are not found, they process them as department sales so that the queue of customers is not delayed.

When new items are added "On the Fly" at the Point of Sale, SELLmatix Control retrieves the item from that terminal, and updates the masterfiles on all the other terminals automatically. In other words, one sales clerk at one counter enters a new item, and just a few minutes later that item can be scanned and sold by any POS terminal.

Using this technique, the entire product file for an entire store, can usually be created within a week, without employing any extra staff to key the data and without delaying sales processing. Certainly other information about the products will need to be entered and updated later as time allows, but the most difficult task is accomplished quickly, easily and seamlessly with SELLmatix.

Inventory Control

Not only can SELLmatix Control track inventory levels automatically for items where this is required, but stock control can be gradually implemented in stages. While many other systems can track inventory, implementation is difficult because stock levels for all items have to be entered at the same time, and the amount of work involved is enormous.

With SELLmatix Control, you can implement stock control one item or department at a time. In fact we encourage users to start with a single department and then expand gradually to cover everything.

With SELLmatix Control, it is possible to enter stocktake figures at the POS terminals while trading is in progress. With other systems you can't trade and perform a stocktake at the same time, because when you post the stocktake, you don't know if any sales of an item occurred before the item was counted or after.

SELLmatix Control, overcomes this problem because it runs in the background and processes transactions as they occur on the POS terminals. When a stocktake count is entered on a POS terminal, SELLmatix Control adjusts the stock on hand accordingly. Subsequent sales at the POS terminals have the quantities deducted correctly, and this means that you can process stocktakes, gradually as time allows instead of closing the doors, counting all the stock and then processing the entire stocktake at the one time.

Similarly stock receipts can be entered at the Point of Sale, streamlining operations.

SELLmatix Inventory Control does not obstruct sales operations. Many other systems do. In theory, it is impossible to ever have a negative quantity on hand for an item. In the real world, particularly where control are being put in place, there will be times where the quantity on hand which is recorded by the computer will be less than the actual quantity available. The computer automatically deducts sales, but if stock receipts are not recorded as they occur, the recorded Qty On Hand will go negative.

Other systems prevent sales from being processed if the system thinks there is insufficient stock. In a retail environment, this presents a major problem. You have a customer with the good in hand wanting to pay for the item and take the merchandise. Many other systems won't let you process the sale until enter the stock receipt and sufficient stock is available. SELLmatix always lets you process the sale and take the customer's money even if this makes the recorded quantity on Hand become negative. Later, you can make the adjustment when you have time.

Live Stock Alerts

When sales are processed at the POS terminals which result in the quantity of stock available falling below the reorder level for an item. SELLmatix Control can automatically generate low stock warnings in real time, by flashing the Main Control Window, or playing a sound.

One of the main methods a retailer can use to maximise profit is by maximising the stock turn. If items can be replenished quickly and easily, then it is best to hold minimal stock levels and replenish these when needed. But if sales are lost as a result of insufficient stock there is no benefit. This feature means that when you have a "run" on a particular item, SELLmatix Control can generate a warning when you need it, so that staff members can be sent out to buy in more of the items needed, so that stock turn is maximised without losing sales due to lack of stock.

This is particularly useful in a restaurant environment where a large range of beverages may be available which are stocked in limited quantity and often can be replenished quickly, even after normal trading hours.

Another important feature is that SELLmatix Control does not wait until a sale is finalised and paid for to generate a low stock warning. When items are ordered by a table, the quantity ordered is recorded as being allocated, and if the quantity available (ie. On Hand less Allocated) is below the reorder level, the low stock warning can be generated.

Restaurant Order Control

In a restaurant, when orders are processed by any of the POS terminals, they are automatically passed to SELLmatix Control which acts as a centralised storage location for orders. Additional orders can be added to the account from any terminal at any time, and when they are processed, SELLmatix Control adds the new order to the existing order for that table.

When orders are received by SELLmatix Control, where required, it automatically prints the order on kitchen and bar printers saving the effort of having staff manually take the orders to the kitchen. Up to 9 different order locations can be used so that orders can be sent directly to the right place where the order needs to be prepared.

SELLmatix Control supports tracking of the number of guests at tables, as well as guest Numbers on orders so that the right plates can be delivered to the right guests at the table. It even supports splitting the bills so that each guest receives a bill for what they have ordered, and their share of the cost of items shared at the table.

The SELLmatix Control Order Manager displays all the orders which are currently open, including the time that they began to order, total value of what they have purchased and an optional comment. This lets you see how operations in a restaurant are proceeding at a glance.

Data Import and Export

SELLmatix Control allows you to import and export data in a range of formats. You are even able to create custom import and export templates so that the data is in the format that you want, showing the details that you want to see. You can create as many import and export templates as you want, and use these however you want.

One particular advantage of the import and export facilities is that you can easily analyse your data in spreadsheets and databases such as Excel and Open Office, and integrate SELLmatix with custom back office software that meets your unique requirements.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

The audit trail produced by SELLmatix Control for each POS Terminal is the most comprehensive and detailed in the business. This audit trail was conceived based on years of custom work we have done for multinational retailers and includes virtually every type of data used for fraud detection. It uses sequence numbers in the data the same way as is used by bank credit card processing systems so that it is extremely difficult to tamper with without detection.

All significant "events" occurring at the Point of Sale are logged. For example, every time a clerk presses the Void key, this is recorded in the Audit trail showing the PLU number voided, the quantity and the pricing. You can go back to the audit trail and look at everything that happened on any POS terminal in a certain time period.

The amount of data retained in the audit trail is much more than would normally be useful under most circumstances, but if you ever need to, you can go back to the audit trail, and a competent auditor would be able to detect any misuse.


We dislike tax authorities and investigators as much as anyone, and we do not assist them in any way. The purpose of the audit trail is so that the business owner can detect any misuse or fraud by staff. If however, you are keeping two set of accounts and underpaying on your taxes, the chances are that if these audit trails fell into the hands of tax investigators, that they would uncover what you were doing.

If this is an issue, then you should consider destroying the audit trails on a regular basis. These files do become very large and there is normally no commercial reason why they need to be retained for any length of time.

Labeling and Barcode Printing

SELLmatix Control has built in facilities to print product labels, including Barcodes and Shelf Labels showing prices and descriptions used where the goods are placed on display.

Where the goods sold have a barcode printed on the packaging, it is much better to use a shelf label showing the description of the item and the price, than to put a price sticker on each item. When price changes occur, you only need to change one shelf label instead of re-pricing each individual item, and you enjoy the benefits of swellage. Swellage occurs when the cost price of an item increases and so you adjust your selling price, and the new selling price also applies to existing stock on hand at the time of the price rise, resulting in extra margin on the old stock.

For items which do not have a barcode printed on the packaging, SELLmatix Control can print product labels that do have barcodes on stickers which are then attached to the goods.

SELLmatix Control can also print shelf labels for items where the prices have changed. SELLmatix can even run separate batches of price change Shelf Labels, so that if prices change while trading, you can apply the price increased labels to the shelves before the price change takes effect, and apply and price decrease Shelf labels after the price change occurs. In that way, you retain good customer relations, because the price scanned at the POS are always either what is on the shelf label or less.

This is very important if price changes need to occur while trading is taking place. If the amount the customer is charged at the POS is less than what appears on the shelf label, the customer does not mind. But if the price at the POS is more than what is shown on the shelf label, then customers become very unhappy. SELLmatix Control helps you avoid this situation by allowing you to follow a sequence of steps that avoids the problem.

SELLmatix puts you in Control

With other POS software, you depend on the dealers and distributors who sold you the software and equipment for support and technical assistance. If they are too busy to help or go out of business you are stranded.

With SELLmatix, all technical information that may be required is available on this website. The information is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not depend on someone knowledgeable to answer the phone, because you have access to help yourself whenever you want. If you have a question where you can't find the answer, you can search for similar issues on the free forum, or post a question that will be answered either by other users who have similar experience, or our own technical support staff.

Even if you don't handle everything in house yourself, and use consultants and outside technical support people, you are not locked in to their services, because everyone has access to this site and the technical information to support SELLmatix. If the people you use to provide technical assistance are unable to do so for any reason, you can find alternate support options that have the same access to the technical information needed to assist you.

With other POS systems, once you make the decision to buy, you are locked into using that same vendor for support, assistance and maintenance for the life of the equipment. If the service you receive is unsatisfactory, it is often impossible to find any alternative without throwing out the entire system. With SELLmatix, you have a range of alternatives, and you are in control.

Low Cost, No Risk

Other POS software with features and power approaching that of SELLmatix is quite expensive, and before you have a chance to find out the limitations and restrictions of these packages, you have to commit and pay for many years use of the software, even if you later find out that it won't do what you want.

SELLmatix is very low in cost, and you don't have to pay license fees for years in advance, because SELLmatix is available for an annual license fee. Why pay a software vendor the license fees 5 years or more in advance? An annual SELLmatix license, costs around the same as an annual phone support agreement with some other POS software vendors, and with it, you get all updates and enhancements for that entire year, full access to technical information over the web, and free use of the support forum.

Download SELLmatix now from the download page, follow our tutorials showing various configurations, and see for yourself.

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